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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014... new year... better me (I hope and pray)

There are SEVERAL things I am going to work on this year and next.   I'll be making my first dr's appointment soon for a check up... Haven't been to the dr since my post op after having my tubes tied... and that was 2 years ago... 2 1/2 actually.

My first goal is to have my house in good enough condition to be able to have my MoCAA friends over for coffee on November 14,2014.  My second goal is to be able to host the holidays on 2015 here.  Got a lot of work to do to get this place up to that... but with baby steps I can do it... breaking things down and getting them done.

This week is already half over, so I think my goals for this week is to start on the tax return, and keep the floors and counters cleared off.  I am also going to start looking around for how to's on holes in walls.

Next week I hope to be able to get the supplies to fix the holes in the living room/ dinning room areas so we can put a base coat of paint to cover up the drawings, and then paint the walls.  As well as finishing the tax return up and keeping up with the floors and counters.  (now the actual paining might happen down the road... but I need to get a move on :)  )

Things we need to get done:

house leveled (double wide trailer)
roof replaced (one big hole and a few leaks)
holes in walls... some pretty big, some small
floor in front of sink in front bathroom (very weak because of a bad pipe leak that was undetected for at least a month)
toilet in front bathroom... need to remove it, snake the pipe under it, get two of the wax seals to put it back down on, turn water back on to it and flush... if that did it then good... get a seat and we're back up to two bathrooms :)... if not then get the plumber out her to look at it.
wall/cabinet where sink is in that bathroom (we had a dog that we put in the bathroom at night and he dug through to the bedroom)
close up hole under bathtub as well.
paint the living room dinning room area
paint the kitchen
new counters in kitchen especially the sink area
have electrical issues looked at if it is more than just bad breakers
and most important of all to finally rid ourselves of the bugs once and for all!!!

And that is just the stuff I hope to accomplish before this summer.... :)

On a personal note I am going to lose weight, get a better attitude (with possible help of pharmaceuticals there), cooking less food (I am constantly cooking more than we will eat in fear that someone will be hungry if I don't).  I am also trying to at least listen to the bible on my phone daily (although I have missed the last couple of days :/)  and will start helping Kenn with the business once we get the second truck.  (already helping with paperwork)... and I will try to make blog posts at least once a week :)  to update on my progress.