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Thursday, January 9, 2014

end of the day

Well I got rid of about 200+lbs of JUNK today :)  happy dance for me.  I did get some more mileage figured out for the tax return (I have done half the year, and it is already over 19,000 miles just business driving.)  fixing to wash the dinner dishes, try and work on my niece's hat that I am making as a late Christmas present... Read some more of Genesis.  set up coffee pot and turn on the auto.  pick Austin up off the floor and put him to bed. take a bath and head to bed myself... (hopefully before 1am tonight )

Got my weekly secretarial duties out of the way ... I get the bill started so that all Kenn has to do in the morning is pull the bill up and enter the amounts.  I even started with putting mileage on the paper so I am that much further ahead of the game next year :).

I need to make the phone calls tomorrow... and if you know me you know how much I HATE that.

my new motto is when I think I can do it later... stop and do it then... that way it gets done...