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Friday, January 10, 2014

trying not to get sick

Didn't do as much as I wanted to get done today, but I did put the dishes up, fold three loads of laundry, threw away stuff with holes in it, put together a couple of tables to help keep track of expenditures for the year for the business... made two of my nagging phone calls (I HATE making calls...)  found out that I don't have to worry about putting a PCP on R's plan because he has traditional medicaid.  called and reschedule appointments for R and T that they have missed the past 3 months now... ugg  going to call the regular dr office to see if they can get T in to see the regular dr so I can get his refills for this month...   (will do that Monday.)I started watching Dexter kind of creepy...  my throat hurts... but I am going to the party tomorrow night... been looking forward to it for too long!!!  need to call and make their dental appointments... but I am really considering changing their dentist... cause I am sick of being told that I ned to hold the twelve year old down and brush his teeth...but I can't remember the name of the dentist I was going to switch them to was.  getting ready for a fight with R's school come the next ARD meeting... I am going to go in with a handwritten page by R and ask them if they can read every single word on that page easily... if not he needs OT, or at least help to improve his hand writing... yes I know that they let him use a computer at school...but he forgets to ask for it, and there are times when getting the lap top out and set up and start using it takes up too much time.  and if he could just pull out a pen or pencil and paper and just write it would be more convenient...

I'm almost finished with my niece's hat, then I need to figure out what to do for my 17 year old nephew's present.  I want to do a cross for mom.finish up the sharks, and mail the packages...did look up the information on how to patch holes in walls... need to price those supplies and get them and get started filling in the small holes in living room dinning room areas.  going to probably have to replace all of the molding or what ever you call the strips of wood at the joints...but that can wait until after I paint :)  well I am going to go do the dishes, try and move A out of the chair that he has been asleep in since before dinner, take a bath and go to bed... oh yeah... set up the coffee pot!!! can't forget that