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Thursday, January 9, 2014

life as we know it

I forgot to update yesterday on my life since my last cryptic post in August.  I wrote that post after my dad called me (to say goodbye pretty much) letting me know that things weren't looking good and he was tired of being in so much pain.(I was at T.'s meet the teacher... needless to say I wasn't in any condition to really spend the time talking to her as I like to do)my mom called the next day horrified that he had made those calls telling me it wasn't quite as dire as he made it seem.   I talked to him a couple days later and he sounded good.  The first week of September he was back in the hospital... not doing good at all.  So we start making plans to go to say good by that weekend... cause I needed to get my car checked out before driving that far.  At around 4 am on September the 5th my sister called to let me know that dad had passed around 2 am that morning.  So that morning was running around trying to get the car fixed... turns out it was a blown head gasket and not the water pump as we thought.  So there was no way I was going to be able to drive it that far... My little brother and his family drove all night got here at 12am to pick up me and the younger two.  and then we drove back (pretty much got everything put in their car and turned around... )  R and Kenn came when Kenn finished working the next day.the funeral was that Monday.  and Kenn drove back with T and R and I took a bus back the next day with A... and that was an adventure in itself...   The car officially died Tuesday or Wednesday of that week... leaving us with a truck that only seats 3... so going anywhere as a family is right out for the most part.  had to miss both Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family because we just couldn't afford to go (would have been over $300 for bus tickets for me and the younger two both ways)  NOT looking forward to not being able to call him on our birthday this month.  I know he is out of pain and that I will see him again but it doesn't make it hurt any less.

Ok... didn't get to bed last night till after 3ish T. got up and decided to start playing with his legos...umm NO... back to bed with you.  At 4:30am A. decided that I needed to wake up and make him coffee NOW (he's 2 1/2)by 4:50 I couldn't deal with the screaming so I got up and started the coffee pot...apparently the screaming woke up T.  he came into my room and softly asked  "Coffee?"I lost it just a little bit... you can wait!!!... then I calmed myself and told him that I would make him a cup after he got dressed... Told him to take R's clothes to him... apparently he threw them on him waking R up... So by 5:30 (the time I am usually fighting them to get them up.) everyone that had to be up and ready to leave by 6:30 were dressed... and ready (for the most part) to go... now instinct said go back to bed when they left... but instead I made the beds... did my sweep (everything off the floors in all rooms (most rooms) swept into one pile and put away)  gotten 4 of the 5 monitors out to get ready for the computer junk pick up today or tomorrow...``cleared (mostly) the counters.  Still need to wipe them down... .got a load in the washer and once that is done I'll do the dishes in the sink (cause my towel that goes under the dish drainer is in the wash)  put the dishes up... and now I am taking a break... read the 1st 4 chapters of Genesis...I decided this morning when listening to air one that I was going to read at least one book of the Bible a week this year (hate to admit it but I have never read the whole thing thru... generally get bored around Numbers...)  all that was done before 8:30 am...going to accomplish a LOT today :)

the time now is 9:12 am...