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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Ok as some of you know I am doing an online bible study right now.  This was what I wrote in response to today's assignment. 

Excuses I have NOT to get stuff done/ overruled because

  1. Not enough time... I have plenty of time... instead of spending 4+ hours online I can do my Bible reading (15 minutes), exercise (at least 15 minutes) Big sweep (45 minutes at most sweep everything on the floor in all rooms to one room and clean that pile), Dishes and counters cleared (30 minutes max twice a day) fold clean cloths and put away (15 minutes max) and still have plenty of time to play around.... …
  2. Kids are driving me nuts.... Go outside (weather permitting) and walk around for 5 or 10 minutes spending time with God, and cooling off... in a few months I can use this time to work on the garden, and as it warms up the kids can start coming out and we'll unwind a bit together perhaps...
  3. I'm too tired!... I'm too tired because all I do is sit here behind this computer keyboard... if I get up and move around I will gain that energy and sleep better at night.
  4. Money is so tight buying healthy foods costs SO MUCH!!!!! Ok this one is a toughy, but I can and will make some changes. First stop cooking for an army (always have at least two or threeI servings left over... I do this out of fear that I will hear I'm still hungry. I can find ways to cut costs especially once we get the new freezer fixed by buying meats when on sale and stocking up. And I WILL PLANT A GARDEN THIS YEAR. And I can freeze or can the produce that isn't used fresh from the garden. Looking forward to being able to go pick several tomatoes and a jalapeno and make my fresh salsa from my own garden. Plus I will grow things I know my family will eat (squash, spinach, broccoli and bell peppers) and I can have an herb garden as well... fresh herbs make things taste sooo good :)
  5. I hurt... well the reason I hurt is I am exercising and using muscles that haven't been used in a very long time... once I start using them regularly they won't protest as much as they are right now... this is day three they still hurt but if I push through the pain and keep going in a few days they won't hurt, but if I let it make me give up then every time I start to try again the pain will start, and it will be a never ending cycle of quitting... I'm an OVERCOMER... not a quitter!!!!
  6. I just don't want to... don't like too... THERE IS WAY TOO MUCH OF THIS THOUGHT IN MY HOUSE!!!!!As I tell my boys there are lots of things in life that we have to do whether we want to or not. Things that have to be done that we would rather not do, or rather wait for someone else to do.... I have to start giving them a better role model. If I start living like I need to get this done first then I can do what I want to do... if/then... first/ then are big things in my family and I really need to be more consistent using them... my oldest two have Asperger's... and we strongly suspect my husband and I do as routines and things like that are wonderful for us... once we come up with them and use them... the problem there is coming up with them and over coming the excuses.