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Monday, February 25, 2013

major cleaning

fixing to start a MAJOR cleaning that needs to be done before the boys get home from school.

these are my MUST do's
clean fridge
clean bedroom floor
clean bathroom
straighten living room
wipe off counters
clean floor in office
sweep and mop floors
straighten the laundry room

if I have time once all that is done I am going to sweep the back rooms that we do not use and work on the mount Everest of laundry that we have in the bedroom.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

straight jacket... please???

Ok... so T didn't sleep well last night... so I kept him home this morning... I tried to convince R to walk to the bus stop this morning and he tells me that he had diarrhea last night...I think the only reason he said that was because he wanted to stay home too...

So I let them both stay home today... BIG mistake... never again... the house has been trashed...again.  I was really hoping that everything would be done and all I would have to do Monday is some light cleaning... sweeping, mopping,wiping down counters... but nope... looks like Monday is going to be the usual clean until I can clean no more and pray that it is good enough

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

definitely an "I don't WANA" day

Ugg I just can't seem to get started today... I did finish the top cabinets this morning... except the one above the fridge :/... there are no dirty dishes, the counters have been wiped down... but I look around my room and dispair for all the work in here there is to do... but I also know that it isn't going to do itself.

I'm worried about T and school.  He is acting up a lot, and is out of control... I thought it was because he'd been taken off his meds.. but I started giving them to him again, and if that was the case he should have started getting better by now... I am at a loss as to what to do for him.

R has school work he needs to get made up.  Drives me up the wall, last year when he was doing the virtual school I knew what he was doing and was not doing because everyday I checked off each thing he was suppose to have done that day... that is just about the only thing that I really miss is the knowing what he is and is not doing.

And A... I just wish he could better tell me what he wants and needs...

I think I am fixing to start by clearing off my desk here in front of me and keep it cleared off. That seems to be a good place to start, and should not take too terribly long...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Going to be a LONG day

It is 6:20 am and T is already acting out...  I slept for maybe 4 hours last night and I have a HUGE to do list this morning!!! fun fun fun

ok it is now 8:16am....  my list for the day is
load of laundry
feed Austin
put away clean dishes
clean up breakfas
wipe down table
sweep, straighten and mop living room and dinning room
fold clothes in dryer
move clothes to dyer
start second load
take a break
reset dryer
clear out top cabinets
fold clthes and put away
start 3rd load
feed Austin lunch
clean up lunch
wipe off counters in kitchen
sweep floor in kitchen

That is what I have written down.  as of now.  Most of the stuff before the first break is done (still working on the living room and dinning room though.)  felt good to scratch things off the list :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 2 part 2

Hair it.   May have to save up and get it done a couple times a year.  I'll have to ask how much it would cost to get what she did done on the 4th when the make over show is :-)

day 2

WEll I got all the dishes done yesterday that I found... it was a LOT.  Today, I am going to try and get some laundry done, and work on the kitchen.  I have to leave here at about 1:45 today because I get to go get my hair done for a makeover that will be on WOAI  morning show on March 4th... thanks to the MoCCA moms that nominated me and the other three women.  I'm going to give them free reign with my hair... so I am kind of nervous... plus it has been a long time since I have had someone do my hair.

K is currently changing his oil in his new (to us anyway) truck, the boys are watching tv... so I need to get up and put some clothes on and put some stuff in the wash and get started for the day :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

new blog

ok... trying again to start blogging on a regular basis... 

I'm married (16 years) and we have three boys (R is 11, T is 5, and A is 20 months).  I have been a stay at home mom for 4 years now... I always thought it would be great to stay at home with the kids... don't let anyone fool you... THIS IS WORK!!!!!  :)  More work than I ever thought it would be if I were to be honest.  I am starting this new blog to hopefully help me gain better control over my house and make it into a home (like the one I grew up in).

A little back ground... K and I met in college.  Our oldest, R,  was born at 31 weeks, has very mild cerebral palsy, ADHD, and Asperger's syndrome (a form of autism)  (the ADHD and Asperger's diagnosis came after we had pulled him out of regular school at the age of 9 because of behavioral problems and started virtual schooling.  we did that for two years and I just couldn't deal with him not doing the school work so he is back in the local district as of this past August) .  The middle boy, T, was born at 36 weeks... because the dr thought it was time for me to go back to work... he was diagnosed in May by the local school district with Asperger's and ADHD... (yeah I get ALL the FUN)... The baby, A, was born at 39 weeks (don't think I wanted to go much longer as I had never been THAT pregnant before )  so far he has a bit of a speech delay.  I think it is entirely possible that my husband and I both have Asperger's as well... but were never diagnosed.

My first step today will be to stop letting myself get overwhelmed and make small attainable goals each day. Today's main goal is to wash the dishes and put them away when they are dry... yeah I know how hard can that be.... ummm well would be a lot easier if I weren't the dish washer, dryer and put awayer... Daily goal after I get them done... not to let them stack up again... do them as they are dirtied to keep things nice and neat in the kitchen. 

My plan is to start blogging a little every morning... what my goals are for the day and how I did on the previous days goals, as well as what is going on in our lives.  K started his own business last year and it is finally starting to take off... if only we can keep the vehicles working as they should.  R is in 6th grade and for the most part doing pretty good.  T is in kinder and is having some behavioral issues (fun fun fun).  And A and me are at home most of the day... I try to clean while he naps most of the time...