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Thursday, January 30, 2014


This is the word of the week in the Made to Crave online Bible study this week.   What it means to me is that I am going to work through the pain of beginning to exercise and keep going.  I am going to continue to make note of everything I put into my mouth... and try to keep everything that comes out pleasant...(not an easy task most days).  I am determined to finally read the Bible through... 15 minutes a day I am devoting to this endeavor.  Getting the house clean and getting rid of the bugs is another BIG priority that I want to see happen.
Determination=WANT TO+FOLLOW THRU.   I want to accomplish something and am willing to follow thru to the end to accomplish that goal.  Determination is planning and doing.  it is getting off my posterior and accomplishing things that need to be done.

I have a few long term goals that I am working towards.
The first one is to be able to invite some good friends over for coffee on November 14, 2014... In order to be able to feel that I have accomplished that I need to continue with my cleaning everyday, in a few months contact an exterminator to get an estimate on  getting rid of our bug problem, do minor repairs and painting in main rooms (living, dinning, kitchen, bath)  tackle major repairs such as getting the trailer leveled and getting the roof repaired (and figuring out why the front bathroom won't flush)... maybe just maybe get some new furniture for dinning room and living room.  it can be accomplished with in the time frame I have set I believe.  And with God's help the finances will be available to allow it to occur.
2nd goal In Two years I want to be able to invite my family here for at least one holiday...  This one takes a lot more determination than the first simply because it requires me to become the house keeper I want to be... nothing out of place and everything having a place... this one also requires more $ which is why I have given 2 years for this goal.  It requires a continual deep cleaning of the house, new furniture in all the rooms, major repairs to some parts of the house (new counters and cabinets in the kitchen possible rewiring of the house...)  but in this too I am determined to see accomplished... oh and having my family here means they will mostly be staying over night.  By this time I will have at least 10 nieces and nephews plus my mom, sister and her husband, and both brothers and their wives... the nearest sibling lives 143 miles away.  so to say I will have a full house is an understatement :)
and my last goal is for 3 years from now (well a little less than)it is to be able to fit back into my wedding dress for our 20 year anniversary.  To accomplish this goal I will have to lose at least 8 dress sizes.  how to I plan on doing this... by eating correct portions, including more fruits and vegetables into my diet, making less food for dinner so I don't feel obligated to eat more than I should.  Exercise daily.  and when my will power fades give it to God and spend time with Him to get past cravings and desires to hoover everything in the fridge.
I think my goals are all attainable... and reasonable to expect that I will be able to accomplish them.  No they are not goals I can just sit here on my fanny and expect to have them just happen I have to work for them, I have to be DETERMINED to accomplish them... Determined to work past obstacles that are thrown in my path... things like lack of funds to do a project the way I want it done... Determined to give myself, my family and my friends the best I can, while also giving God the credit and praise for helping me through the obstacles and getting past set backs and getting back on track.  Here is to DETERMINATION  let's get 'er done!!!! :)