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Friday, January 17, 2014

been a messed up week

in my never ending house cleaning endeavor I decided to clean behind things this week.  I moved out the washer and dryer to clean behind them, and I pulled out the desk in the office to clean behind it.  the first disaster struck Wednesday when I was doing this cleaning.  When I pulled the desk out the computer (the one that housed ALL the business stuff fell over (and died!!!) I am all panicky  tried everything I could think of to revive it.... but to no avail.  I found a computer on craigslist and actually called the number (GASP... me making a call without stressing about it...well I was stressed enough over the computer and having to tell Kenn about it that I didn't even hesitate to make the call)  Then after talking to the guy with the computer I called Kenn to tell him the news... which he took SO MUCH better than I thought he would.  so we got a computer I got it set up and most of the things I needed put on it and back to where they were... although not 100% of the information we had, it is better than nothing.

That night I put some jeans in the wash... and the washing machine would not drain.  Yesterday I took it apart to see if there was a clog or something, but no clog was found... so we are going to be getting new washer and dryer from Arron's rental center... so TODAY I need to get up off my butt and clean the front rooms try to kill as many bugs as I can as I go...  I need to finish up figuring the mileage so I can get the taxes started and we can get the tax return on its way... new roof. leveled house, new to us truck and hopefully enough left to start having an exterminator come out and kill these damned roaches!!!!