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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

good day/ for the most part

Yesterday I started on 4 30day challenges... tricep dips, butt, abs, and wall sitting...
My thighs don't know what the heck is going on and they are protesting anytime I get up from sitting or go to sit...not fun :)  but I shall keep going.  Today I added 15 minuets of reading the Bible to my daily tasks... read from ch4 to ch 11 in Genesis...I had started reading Genesis a few weeks ago and just thought I would continue where I left off...  Been doing really well at keeping up with what I am putting in my mouth, although I want to find an ap that can not only tell me calories, but how I am doing as far as the food pyramid goes... what I need to add (umm fruits and veggies... don't really need an ap for that silly :)  ) and what I need to start cutting back on (here again don't really need an ap... bread, pasta, rice... grains!!!!)  got a lot of cleaning done this morning (about an hour and a half to two hours worth of cleaning)

We bought a freezer a couple of weeks ago when we got our new washer and dryer... and it stopped working the 2nd or 3rd day... no problem right, take it back and exchange it... right????  WRONG  had to call service and get them to come look at it (the man that came to look at it didn't speak English very well, so once he looked at it he called his supervisor and the supervisor told me to call the store and have the manager call his hotline and get it exchanged out..., I called the store the manager was like call back the tech just came out so the hot line would not have any information on it yet... ok... so Kenn went in on Saturday to talk to the manager who said that he had no idea why we were told to contact him because he had no way of getting them to authorize an exchange... yesterday Kenn got a call from service saying someone would be out yesterday morning to look at it... then he got a call that said, no they are going to authorize an exchange, then this morning they call and tell him that cooperate won't authorize the exchange that they have to order a part and fix it...So what did I do... I got irate, and I called (and if you know anything about me it should be that me MAKING a phone call is a BIG thing!!!!)  first the customer service who told me that they didn't see any notes that told what was wrong with it, but that someone was scheduled to come out tomorrow to look at it... (I didn't cuss... I did raise the tone of my voice, but not the volume so she gave me the number to the service line (which my blond self dialed wrong TWICE)  I did apologize to her letting her know that it wasn't her I was angry with, but the situation.... so I called service... they told me that no he was not scheduled to come out tomorrow but to call and order the part for the freezer tomorrow...I was a little more upset with her than I had been with the other one, but I still did not cuss, and I did apologize again because it is not their fault, they are not the top of the "food chain" at Conn's....but I also assured her that this would be our last purchse with them , and that I would be letting my friends and family (and FACEBOOK) know how unhappy I was and suggest that they not buy from Conns....

on a brighter note I am down to 202 now :)  last week I was at 204... :)  not a big loss but a loss never the less.  God is good,