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Saturday, January 18, 2014

styrofoam... EVERYWHERE

well happy birthday to me... early got new washer, dryer and a small deep freeze today.they'll be paid off in the next three years at the longest... sooner hopefully.  My middle boy, T... God love him... (cause right now he is busy making a mess) is making snow with the styrofoam...ugg... I HATE styrofoam... and it is all over the house (that while it may not have been perfectly and completely clean was a LOT cleaner before the appliances got here than it is now...) They are off Monday for MLK day... so that means I'll be stuck here with them for hours and hours the next couple of days....  Kenn is trying to quit smoking again... I really hope he is able to this time around.

So now that I have a deep freeze I am going to start trying to put together  meals and freeze them so I can cook them later when there is a lot going on and I don't have time to cook...if anyone out there is actually reading this and has suggestions please leave a comment...  I know I will for sure be doing lasagnas, and probably freezing some chili next time I make some.  casseroles... (like king ranch chicken) would work as I am planning on starting a garden so I'll probably be freezing veggies like peppers (bell and jalapeno), making homemade spaghetti sauce and freezing (or possibly canning) it.

I have all these ideas and wants in my head that I want to do I just need to start making a plan to get them done!  :)  Sewing machine so I can make my own clothes... got so many design ideas in my head of what I want to make...
we want to get another Total gym so we can exercise.  (we had one back in Beaumont... but it like so much else got left behind)
I want to have a veggie garden so I need to start getting seeds and getting them started, get some timbers and some dirt and get the ground ready for the plants once warmer weather is here to stay.
in addition to the house repairs and the 2nd vehicle ect...