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Friday, July 26, 2013

retreat and regroup

Well today did not go quite as planned... I did not do an hours worth of cleaning... although I have done some work... and will do some more in a bit...I am stressed out... and here is why.  we went to the library and I put my phone in my bra... then worked out for about 15 minutes outside on the playground... yes the phone is still in my bra... anyway the phone screen (touch screen) starts acting up again... it had done this the other day when I was trying to put the expansion foam in and got that mess all over my hands and then I put lotion on... then touched the phone.... OOOPPPSSS!  anyway no big deal... the boys had found my other phone yesterday (it had been missing for about 3 months) and the iphone 4s had recovered from the milk being spilled on it.... I was sound asleep, phone plugged in at the foot of the bed, Odie jumped on the bed and spilled a glass of don't ask me where the milk came from or who put it there... all I know is it wasn't me... I don't drink milk that often... and when I do it is just a sip or two) so I figured I would just go to the Net10 site and transfer the number back to one of those phones... very easy very simple... RIGHT?... WRONG... it turns out that when I activated the phone that is currently active it was activated with a different number... I knew it started out that way... but I thought it changed back once the phone said the right number (in the phone itself... not just the website, and the caller id... ) anyway I can't do anything online to fix it I have to CALL them to get it FIXED... seeing as I did this a couple of months ago when for some unknown reason Kenn's phone number had been changed on the site (but the phone had the right number and all...)  So I know when I call tomorrow I am looking at at least an hour and a half on the phone with at least two different people... and that is if I don't have to call another number...  If you know anything about me it should be I HATE TALKING ON THE PHONE.... especially if it is someone I don't know...

So tomorrow morning I will call the 1-866 number and try to calmly tell them what is going on and what needs to be done and not lose my mind on them or on my family before it gets fixed... on the bright side my hubby did say I could get a new phone if I could find one for under $75... and I have :)