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Saturday, July 27, 2013

on hold

ok  called 7:45 am, talking to someone about my phone....lets see how long this winds up taking.

8:01 she has to update her tools so I am on hold....let the games begin
8:04.... being transferred
8:08 verifying my number... again
8:15 trying to get info from other phone
8:17... getting messed up phone's profile updated
taking battery out and putting back in 8:21
disconnected... but she did call call back
trying to update profile again 8:26
messed up phone now frozen buttons not working 8:29
hate battery off restart
make a phone call 8:32, she test calls
hopefully it will work going to go to add the phone to the account now and see if I can get the damn thing to work 8:40

Had to put in a different sim card... luckily I had an extra one (or 3) laying around that I can use... waiting for the number to be put back on the iphone 8:55

mean while the boys are wanting to eat... Tommy wants his coffee... I HAVEN'T had my coffee yet, and Robert is being less than helpful (Kenn is outside changing his oil)
8:59... I have phone!!!!