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Sunday, July 28, 2013

more on me... part 2 last three years of high school

Ok I left off on the move.  I had spent the first 15 years of my life in a wonderful small town in south Texas... I will always consider that my home town.  Then my dad was transferred to east Texas... not expected at all... so we moved.  Now the town I grew up in had lots of different shades of skin colors... from pale pink to almost black...(I do not believe in races so I will not use that term... but it was an ethnic rich community) so that was my norm... I still remember that first day of school in 10th grade walking into the cafeteria for the first time and there was almost no color variation at all...not an ethnic rich community... pretty closed off.  it was definitely different...  I found it hard to make friends... so I became friends with people that were nice to me... my "pity" friends... they felt sorry for me so they became my friends, they were not necessarily people I would chose to hang out with on intellectual basis, but they were nice to me so it was ok. (that may sound shallow... but  it is sometimes very hard to make friends that I feel like I can completely connect with on more than one or two levels... these were/are nice people, and they allowed me not to be by myself all the time those three years of high school)  That first year I muddled through... did the work I had to do to get by.  Met new people, went to a church a few times... but never really felt I belonged.  English, History honors, Geometry honors, French I, photography, Chemistry (may have been honors) and Driver's ED I think was what I took that first year.  I had to get glasses that year after "failing" the eye test in driver's ed.  I remember when we moved I decided i was going to go by Andrea and not my nick name Andi... because I was tired of it being spelled wrong (I am a girl there is no dangey part on me so there is no dangly part on my name ie a y, and I don't like the ie spelling either...)  so one of the first days of 10th grade the history teacher is calling roll and asks if I prefer ANdrea, or anDREA... I say I will answer to either... he is like well which way do you pronounce it... either way... ok he says... then what do your parents call you?  "Andi"... so there I was with the nick name again :/

the next year I was told that everyone the year before had thought I was on drugs.  If you know anything about me you know that is utterly ridiculous, I have for the most part been a goody goody... and don't really understand the fascination with drugs (or cigarettes or drinking too much)... besides... why would you want to take something that has been shown to have bad effects on people even if it does make you feel good for a short amount of time (these are my thoughts... I've just never really understood that... or racism for that matter)  Anyway... year 2 at the new school was ok... French II, Art2 (I think that may have wound up being considered an honors class), Ant. and physiology (honors... I was the only junior in a class of seniors), English, pre Cal, , and something else... my memories of that year... sitting at the lunch table talking about dissecting the cat in A&P... My A&P lab partner gluing the scapula and the hip bones to the skull of the cat skeleton we were putting together and saying look it's batcat... the same person looking at me one day and saying "You know... next year there isn't going to be one virgin walking across that stage at graduation."  I looked at him and said... "There will be at least one!"  I remember donating blood for the first time, early in the day... Then later that day in art we were doing a mural for earth day (I drew what was suppose to be a baby seal... but it looked more like a beluga whale...) we started cleaning up and I got dizzy... so I sat down.  they wanted to go take pictures of the mural, I was feeling better so I went back outside... first picture I was ok, second picture I passed out cold.  I remember prom (I asked a couple of guys but no one said yes so I went stag...)  I danced with a nice guy most of the night.  I remember getting obsessed with said guy after that.  I remember him telling me that if he "felt that way about me we could have been soul mates" still not completely sure what that meant...

Sr year... English, Cal/Trig, computer math (honors), Physics (honors), French III (honors), economics/government, and PE/ typing ... anyway that was a year... got to go to Ren Faire with the English class that was the last year they went because there were freshmen that went that year and got drunk), I got to go on the Physics Geology field trip... where I had left my camera with someone to hold while I went into a cave, and they took pictures of someone's BUTT... not funny really guys... :) considered joining the army...but then desert storm happened, and I realized that I probably wouldn't have survived basic anyway I went to all the dances that year.  we had to rebuild our homecoming bonfire after the team we were playing for home coming came and burned it down... but that is ok because we actually won that game... big deal for a team that rarely wins.  I had my first date... went to visit ETBU as a possible college choice... ran in to two people I had known from the town I grew up in!  and became hopeless obsessed with a guy that didn't want a relationship...(even though a month after telling me that he was wearing someone else's ring on a chain around his neck)  went out with him a few times... became good friends with another girl that dated him a few times... we compared notes and realized that he did the same thing and nick named him dr octopus.  My little sister made me my first alcoholic drink that year...  wrote a lot of bad poetry.  went stag to prom again.  wrote my sr research paper on why adopted people feel the need to search for biological parents... (at the time I had no such urge)  had perfect attendance (even though there were many days my teachers were begging me to go home cause I was sick  I got a watch which was lost the next year for having perfect attendance.  graduated with honors (a virgin but barely) (lost it a week later... trying to keep someone that was never mine to begin with... because I though if I gave him that then he would know that I really did love him and we would always be together... FYI girls... don't fall for that mind trap... he was always honest in that he did not want a relationship with I have no one to blame for that recklessness but myself... not my proudest moment... and something I hope others can learn from)