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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tomorrow is new years eve

There are so many things I am hoping for in the year to come....

peace to be a better mom to my boys
joy in everyday life
hope for good business in the year to come
health for me and my family

I am ready for the boys to be back in school.  I get overwhelmed a lot when they are home.  I have so many things I hope to accomplish in 2015...  mainly things I have not been successful for this year.

getting and keeping the house in order
getting the repairs done on the house (at the very least the house leveled and the roof done)
setting up a garden
losing weight
gaining muscle
getting my mental health in check
keeping up with the business records (for RNA and my Avon)

Things I need to do the first week the boys are back in school
call and make me an appointment with new dr
call and get the boys dr appointments made for their annual physicals
call and check the date of the dental appointment for the boys
possibly make Kenn an appointment with his dr as well...
post a give away for monitors and clothes, and toys...after three days donate clothes and toys....

I'm going to be doing a lot of  cleaning and organizing this year.

This is going to be our year I just feel it :)