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Friday, December 26, 2014

My year in review

This year was full of ups and downs, as most years are :) ...  As I look back on some of the struggles and blessings, I know, as always God is in control.  Even when things seem pretty bleak, and I just don't see how they can get better ... they do.

Kenn's business did very well this year (we have done over 1900 runs, and last year it was just over 1500 I believe) We are having vehicle problems... and are working to get those sorted out in the coming months.  We recently bought (are still buying) a Ford Expedition from a neighbor.  I dropped T and A off at school 3 days after we got it and was headed to pick our friend that helps us with runs up.  I was half way there when the tire blew (back passenger tire)  so I try to slowly pull off the road (like you are suppose to)  I pull off and get into the grass (very busy morning traffic wanted to get as far off the road as I could) as soon as I go to stop the car it starts spinning out of control.  I hit several metal bars holding wires that separate the two sides of the highway, but I thank God for those wires as when the truck stopped spinning I was about 3 feet from the other side of traffic.  And facing the opposite direction than I had started at.  The first thing I did after it stopped spinning, put it in park, turn it off, and threw the keys in the passenger seat.  Then I Voxed (a walkie talkie app that we have on our phones for business use) Kenn "Well I think we are back down to one vehicle again..."  He called me and I told him what happened.  A sheriff's deputy was just a couple cars behind me when it happened, and he stayed to do the report (cause the city police were taking a while)  Kenn got to me as fast as he could.  I was not hurt at all, the airbags didn't even pop...  very grateful for Ford tough vehicles. 

 I was very distraught... mainly because we were (are) still paying for the car, had only had it 3 days, and I have been the "death" of way too many of our vehicles... But both the sheriff's deputy and Kenn assured me that I did everything just they way I should have, and that it was not my fault.   It took a while before the tow truck got to us (early morning traffic being what it is in a big city)  when they finally got there Kenn let the deputy know that he was going to go ahead and take me, and go get money for the tow truck, so we could meet it back at the house.  

I just knew the truck was a total loss... when the tow truck finally got to the house (a different one than had first gotten there (it took a couple of hours for them to get it to us)  The driver was able to turn the engine on, and drive it (as well as you can with two flat tires) off the tow truck (apparently the first driver had broken his tow chain or something like that)  so the fact that not only did it start, but the wheels moved are good signs.  It needs ALOT of work but isn't a complete loss (needs both tires on passenger side replaced, both the headlight and tail light on passenger side, lots of body work (mostly passenger, but there is a gouge on the driver's side from the initial hit ....  the muffler and exhaust pipe will need to be replaced as the tail pipe is bent up under the back wheel.  and the very back passenger window will need to be replaced.  But I am fine, and the truck still runs... so when we can get it fixed we'll have two working vehicles again  (most expensive thing from the looks of it will be the tires (but we were wanting to change them out anyway))

Now I was feeling very down when I walked to the bus stop for T and A that afternoon...I sat on the ground feeling sorry for myself, and I saw a penny heads up so I picked it up and smiled when I saw the year on it 1961 (year my parents graduated HS, and the year they got married)  After my dad died I had told T that pennies on the ground were a reminder that my dad was up there looking after us... and finding that penny with that year on it pretty much validated that thought for me :)  
Anyway my hopes for the coming year is to be able to continue to grow the business once the second vehicle gets fixed and I can start running again.  I just started selling Avon, so I am hoping that I can start contributing more to the house hold, or at least have enough income that I can pay the monthly insurance premiums... and have some left over to pamper myself a little.  Got lots of hopes for R(starting with getting him to actually do his school work).... Probably going to be sending him to an out of district HS though next year.  

I want to make enough that I can get my teeth fixed by Thanksgiving 15..
I want to spend at least 30 minutes a day cleaning and decluttering.
I will spend at least 30 minutes a day exercising (1st with the bike around this area, and then once the car is fixed start going to planet fitness)
I will spend 15 minutes a day reading the Bible.(hope to have it finished buy the End of 15)
I want to be able to get the repairs that really need to be done on this house done
I will work on my mental health by making a dr appointment for myself as soon as the second vehicle is running again
I will encourage Kenn to take the time and start seeing a dr as well
I will get Odie fixed as soon as the pups are weened
I will write one blog entry a month
I will promote the Avon business and tell at least 1 new person a day about it (dropping off catalogs at neighbor's houses, leaving brochures at dr offices if they will let me)  putting up signage in the front office if I can  ect.