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Monday, February 3, 2014

on ward I go

Well the scale says 198.8 this morning.  I don't feel deprived at all (as I feared I would when I started eating less and watching my calories)  I've also been reading the Bible 15 minutes everyday, and getting at least 10 or 15 minutes of exercise... I'm on day 8 of 4 different "challenges"  where each day the reps get higher... the second and third day and a little bit of the fourth I really wanted to give up and stop... but you know what there isn't any more pain from the exercises... so might as well keep going.  they are getting easier to do (even though there are more to do each day :)  )each challenge is only 30 days though so once they are done I will consider what to work on next :)  hope to be down to 190 if not lower by my dr appointment next month.  But you want to know something... the number on the scale is just that... a number.  Something I learned a long time ago is that it is how I see myself that is more important than those numbers... When I was 123 and no one believed I weighed that much (thought I weighed less) while I didn't see myself as fat I definitely didn't think I was as thin as I was...While I don't really care to be that thin again (as I was skeletal looking at that weight)  I would like to be at 150 in the next year, and be able to maintain that weight. That is my ultimate goal... and at this rate it is very likely to occur, just got to keep the momentum up and giving the credit to God.